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Archibald Macneilage- father and small town tailor

Archibald Macneilage was born in Campbeltown on 24 March 1804, the 3rd child of Daniel McNeilage and Stewart McPhail. He had one brother , Malcolm and two sisters, Katherin and Mary Ann.

On 27 September 1838, he married Catherine McIntosh, one of five children of Gilbert McIntosh, a weaver and Mary McCallum. The marriage entry gives Archibald’s occupation as “tailor”.

The marriage of Archibald Macneilage to Catherine McIntos
The marriage of Archibald Macneilage to Catherine McIntosh

Their first son, David, was born in 1840, closely followed by their first daughter,  Mary, at the end of 1841. The census shows them living in Main Street, Campbeltown and his occupation is still that of a tailor.

Main Street, Campbeltown.
Main Street, Campbeltown.

The couple have a second daughter, Stewart, in 1844. Stewart may seem a strange name for a girl, this one was of course named after her paternal grandmother. It occurs quite commonly in Campbeltown and in most generations of the Macneilage family of this period. It is probably a discreet way of showing Jacobite sympathies.

Another daughter, Catherine, is born in 1847.

High Street, Campbeltown.
High Street, Campbeltown.

By the census of 1851 they are living in the High Street and he is still a tailor.  The children listed are David, Mary, Stewart, Catherine, Archibald and Daniel, aged 3 months.

Three further sons are born between 1852 and 1857, Gilbert, Archibald and Malcolm.

By the census of 1861, Archibald is 57. The couple only have four of their children still at home, Catherine, Archibald, Daniel and Malcolm. David , Mary and Stewart have left home and are in Glasgow. It would seem Gilbert, the boy named after his maternal grandfather, has died. The family’s address is given as McMillan’s Land, High Street.

In 1861 Archibald is awarded poor relief of 1/6d a week, due to general disability and in 1869 he dies, 5 days after David’s wedding, which took place far away in Leicester.


Campbeltown from Gallowhill Scotland

Archibald Macneilage- Campbeltown 1804- 1869

Catherine McIntosh- Campbeltown 1815-Campbeltown 1896

David- Campbeltown Campbeltown 1840-Manchester 1907 married 1) Agnes Maria Mcadam 2) Anne Anderson

Mary- Campbeltown 1841- Campbeltown 1894

Stewart- Campbeltown 1844- dod probably in South Africa, married William Hamilton Bowes

Catherine- Campbeltown 1847- Campbeltown 1931

Daniel- Campbeltown 1852- dod unknown

Gilbert- Campbeltown 1854- dod before 1861

Archibald- Campbeltown 1857- Campbeltown 1904

Malcolm- Campbeltown 1857- Durban, SA, after 1905.







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