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Daniel MacNeillage and Stewart McPhail

Daniel and Stewart were born before name spelling had become as rigid as it is today and before it was law to register births, marriages and deaths. We know they married on August 19th 1799 in Campbeltown and from the marriage entry in the parish register, that they were both of the parish of Campbeltown. It is likely that his parents were Daniel Mcneilage and Katherine McTagart. But it will probably be impossible to ever prove this.

Stewart seems an odd name for a girl today. Being prejudice against it because it sounds like a boy’s name is probably just a modern idea, she may just have been named after her Mother’s maiden name, as was very traditional on the West Coast of Scotland. But it likely to infer that the family had Jacobite sympathies, especially since later generations use “Mary Stuart” instead of just “Stewart”. No record of her birth has so far been found.

Daniel was a weaver, probably of coarse linen, but again that is not recorded. His occupation and the fact he is deceased is recorded on his son Archibald’s death certificate in 1869.

The couple have four children, two daughters and two sons. Katherin is born in 1800 and later married James McMillan. Mary Ann in born in 1806 and does not marry. Archibald (born born 1804) becomes a tailor and marries Catherine McIntosh and Malcolm (born 1802) is a local grocer and marries Margaret Beith.


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