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Archibald Sinclair, the travelling weaver and his wife, Margaret Stevenson

Margaret Stevenson was born in Paisley around 1787. Archibald was probably around the same age, but they both did well at hiding from the 1841 census, so we have little detail to go on.

They were married at Paisley Middle Church on 7th June 1812.Their first son was born on the 2nd of July 1813 and they called him John. Then follow Archibald, Janet, Peter and Malcom. By the time of Malcom’s christening, in 1822, the family are living in Eaglesham and return to Paisley for the christening, this time in Paisley Abbey. By December 1823, the family are living in Dundee at the time of the birth of their next son, George. In 1825 they have another daughter, Margaret, also in Dundee and then another son, Russell, this time in the village of Strathmartine, to the back of Dundee.


Archibald was a weaver, so it is likely he was following work, as you can see from this map, there were many mills on the Dichty Water and that was probably what took them to Strathmartine. Dundee was built on flax and jute mills.

Russell is their last child and by the time of the 1861 census, the next time we can find them, they are living in Lochee.Where they are from 1824 to 1861, unfortunately I have not found out. However, by 1861, Archibald is dead and only Russell is still at home.They are living at Collville’s Land, in Flight’s Lane in Lochee, just across the road from son John’s family.Margaret is working as a linen winder, aged 74 and Russell as a bundler. They were poor.

Flight’s Lane is marked with the orange dots.

By 1871, Margaret is not working, Russell is working as a bundler and they have moved to 106 Logie Street. The address was knocked down to be a petrol station many years ago and is now a vacant lot.

Margaret died, aged 86, in 1873.

Their descendents-

John Sinclair born Paisley 1813- died Lochee 1860 married Elizabeth Hutcheson 

Archibald Sinclair born Paisley  abt 1813-? married Margaret McCallum

Janet Sinclair born Paisley 1816-?

Peter born Paisley 1817 died? married Ann Bruce

Malcom or Malcolm born Paisley 1822- died? 

George Sinclair born Dundee 1824 died? married Agnes Cable

Margaret Sinclair born Dundee 1825- died?

Russell Sinclair born Strathmartine 1824- died Lochee 1924



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