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Robert Green, tobacconist of Liverpool, Chesterfield and Lincoln and his wife, Eliza McAlister

Robert was the son of Robert Green and Jane Nelson and was born in Liverpool in 1794, the youngest of eight children. He became a tobacconist and married Eliza McAlister on 4th April 1814. Eliza was born in Warwickshire, of Argyllshire descent, but her parents and family lived in Liverpool by the time of the marriage.

Their first child, Peter, seems to have been born very close to the marriage in Liverpool. He was followed by four more siblings in Liverpool, then, for reasons unknown, they moved to Chesterfield in Derbyshire. We can guess from the children’s christenings that this was sometime in the 18 months between February 1827 and August 1828.

High Street, Lincoln, just off St Mary’s Street.

By the time we find them in the 1841 census the family have moved again. Only five of the ten children are living with their parents in St Mary’s Street, Lincoln, just off the busy High Street. Peter is left running the Chesterfield business, two of the older girls are in Liverpool and another in service.

robert green st mary's street 1841.png

It would seem likely that they were working with Thomas Lunt, also listed at this address and a tobacconist. There was a long standing family tobacco broking business in Liverpool of the same surname. Thomas dies at their home in Lincoln, May 1847.

At this point, I am going to tell the story through his daughter Sarah (click on her name to continue reading) and then her son, Robert.

The children of Robert and Eliza (Because of their travels, there may be gaps. If you can fill them, please let me know)

Peter McAlister Green born Liverpool 1814 died Chesterfield 1894 married Elizabeth Davison

Jane Green, born Liverpool 1818, died?

Margaret, born Liverpool 1820, died?

Robert, born Liverpool 1823, died Liverpool before 1827

Eliza, born Liverpool 1826, died?

Robert, born 1827, died?

John, born Old Brampton 1828, died Chesterfield?

Anne or Ann born Chesterfield 1832,  died?

Sarah born Chesterfield 1834, died Lincoln 1858 married George Edward Lumb.

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