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Robert Green of Liverpool and his wife, Jane Nelson of Ormskirk

robert green 1 birth

Robert was the son of James Green or Gzren and Mary Burton and was born in Red Cross Street, Liverpool.

He married Jane Nelson of Orsmkirk, a town some 14 miles North of Liverpool, a long distance in 1778.

robert and jane marriage

Their first child was born in 1781 and named William. At that time they were living in Preston Street, a narrow street in the heart of Liverpool.Peggy, Betty, another William and Alice all follow at that address. But by Margaret’s birth in 1790, they have moved to Shawhill Street, where they have two more children, Henry and Robert.From the children’s birth records we can see that Robert is recorded as working as a labourer.




The children of Robert and Jane (if you can fill in the gaps, please let me know) –

William born 1781, died before 1786.

Peggy born 1782

Betty born 1784

William (2) born 1786

Alice born 1788

Margaret born 1790

Henry born 1793

Robert born 1794, died Chesterfield 1875.

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Green Family History · Liverpool Family History

James Green or Gzren of Liverpool, whitesmith and his wife Mary Burton

james green and mary burton marriage 2

James was a Whitesmith and married Mary Burton on 20th July 1742 at St Peter, Church Street, in the parish of St Nicholas, Liverpool. Their son, Robert, was born in 1751.

James is variously listed as “Green” and “Grzen”.

robert green 1 birth

From Robert’s birth record we can see they lived in Red Cross Street, which was right in the centre of old Liverpool. By ““The Poll for the borough of Liverpool” in 1796, we can see he later lived in Thomas Street.

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