Martin of Bushley Family History

William Martin market gardener of Bushley and Ann Allpool his wife.

William Martin was the second son of Thomas Martin and his wife Elizabeth. He married Ann Allpool when he was 31 and she 25, on 4th December 1769 in Bushley, Worcestershire. Like his father, he was a market gardener.

They had seven children over twenty years, Ann died in 1797. Six of them survived into adulthood and three of their sons left to work in Scotland and another to go to Macclesfield in Cheshire.

Mary 1775-1793

William (known as Bill) 1772-East Lothian 1847 married Janet Temple.

Samuel 1775-Macclesfield 1853 married Ann Nicholls

Thomas 1776- East Lothian 1860 married Isabella Wilson

Ann 1781- Worcestershire in ? married 1) ? Limerick 2) William Smith

Francis 1784- East Lothian 1858 married Margaret Edgar

John 1783- East Lothian 1863 married Margaret Henderson

Martin of Bushley Family History

Thomas Martin and his wife Elizabeth of Bushley, Worcestershire.

It hasn’t been easy to discover very much about Thomas and Elizabeth. Thomas was born about 1708 and died in 1770 in Bushley, Worcestershire. Elizabeth outlived him by four years.

Thomas was a market gardener. The area around Bushley was known for its apple and pear growing and it is probable that this is what he grew. You can read more about marketing gardening in their area here- History of Vale of Evesham market gardening.

They had seven children, all born at Bushley-

Thomas- 1735-1810

William -1738-1828

John- 1740-1764


Mary- 1745-1747

Unknown child

Elizabeth 1751-?


Their names appear many times in subsequent generations and probably did in those which came before them too.

Bushley, showing its position at the Southern end of the county of Worcestershire.